Game stalls when changing focus

Game stops briefly when changing focus to another Plane

The problem has existed since the beginning of last week (around Mo 1.Nov)

the game is not enjoyable with this error

is there anyone else here who has this issue?

i’m playing on an Android-Phone (Huawei Mate20 pro) and the Issue happen on every Airport i’m active play atm (BRI, PRG, SAN + MCT)

(i hope it’s correct to post this here?)

Happens to me too. Really not enjoyable, as you said.

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Do you have a large fleet at mentioned airports? I’ve noticed too, but only at prg, where I have a massive s size fleet


it makes no difference whether there are 4, 8, 12 or more planes active at the airport.

do you think there is a difference if more planes of your own fleet are active?

At the moment, I’ve usually had enough of the game after I’ve cleared my fleet and don’t play much beyond that because it’s so annoying.

(using google-translate - i’m native germanspeaking)