Game UI - Possible features/updates

This thread is for ideas for updates to the user interface. New menu options, new game play ideas etc.

I’d like to add something to the game as I personally really want to see the devs make it as realistic as possible.

  1. Navigation lights (red and green) need to be soften/reduced a little bit. When I look at the planes from a far view, the lights are just way too bright that they almost make the plane a bit invisible, all I can see is just red and green.

  2. When planes make turns at any intersection, they really need to slow down, it feels like a running chicken at this point lol.

  3. Line-ups: I’d like to suggest that planes could have a fair/reasonable space one after another when are in line for departures.

  4. Push back. Hope there will be a button for clicking ‘ready to taxi’. Like I said, I would like it to be more realistic (engines start-ups after the push-back)


Display the Stand Number and/or Highlighting stand that the selected plane will land in prior to tapping “Clear For Landing” anywhere in the UI.

  1. Size/fleet sorting filter for inbounds list, so the player can choose and give landing priority to a certain plane size and/or fleet aircraft.

  2. Option to display fleet contracts in contracts tab.

  3. Confirmation screen before doing stuff (accepting/cancelling) with contracts.

  4. Long press to select max available handling crew instead of tapping 15 times per plane.

  1. Was hoping this feature would be introduced in 2.0.2, but the long awaited control tower is definitely a must. Automatic takeoffs and landings will save a lot of time.

  2. Realistic flight times

  3. Pushback mini game?

  4. Think this was mentioned before, but the option to sort through contracts.


I think the Woapedia should be back. I have used it since it was released to see new airlines and destinations. But 2.0 Remove it so bringing it back would be nice.

  1. I would like to see the two winged ramp agents walk each plane in and out of the stands like you see in real life. It would just add another layer of realism.

  2. In the winter time, I would like to see snow plows removing snow from runways, taxiways and stands.

  3. Is it possible to add weather delays? I don’t know how this would work but it would add another level of realism.


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Amazing ideas but I think they might be a bit too much to ask for right now…But lets hope they consider it.

I was wondering if a feature related to Emergency Landing/Handling can be included in future versions perhaps.


In terms of emergency landings, I think it has been said that it will never happen due to real airlines being in game. Though it is a game, it still isn’t a good look for the airline, who may then follow it up with the devs.

Will there be more minigames in the future? I would love to drive the stairtruck/getway to the plane, as well as do the pushback!

Green tick on completed contracts

When selecting contracts off the map, contracts you have previously completed (upgraded to the final level and all 10 flights handled) a green tick or something along those lines can appear on the main contract card to show that you have completed it once at the airport you are playing at. This allows players to have a visual reference of what contacts they have completed (and subsequently allows people to alternate contracts if they don’t want to repeat or extent an completed one) and works alongside the completed contracts leaderboard. This would appear on the contract card on the map when selecting them, or when the player views the card in game if the contract has been extended.

Here’s a very rough example of what I mean (just ignore it’s an active contract and imagine it’s been completed)

in the contracts tab:

  • option to refuse
  • active contracts tab: sort by arrival time
  • searching for a contract from the map:
    *filter by companies. for example, I only want Rayner planes
  • filtering by flight time. For example, I only want planes with a maximum flight time of one hour
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In the contract-section I can select a Random Player Arrival.
I assume that, conversely, my planes can land and be handled by other players randomly the same way.
Some ideas for this:

  1. Notify me when my plane is randomly handled by a another player. Maybe display all by other players handled planes in a list with the ability to instantly retrieve rewards and send contract requests
  2. Pay out a small reward (XP or Wollars etc.) for me
  3. Easily send this player a contract request directly

What do You think?

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I’ve seen, that displaying the players name on all aircrafts is in the pipeline. Here my suggestions for an individual design by the player:

  • Selection of (a few) fonts, regular and condesed, should fit to the aircrafts fuselage
  • Font color black or white selectable
  • Font generally with outline, black or white selectable

And…it should be free without paying extra for it!

See example. Should work with ANY color scheme. :wink:

Without outlining it might be difficult to read (e.g. black over blue).


If I follow the aircraft by centering the camera, I would like to operate other aircraft, but the camera should still follow the given aircraft.
Now the tracking camera will turn off



Could we maybe get the option for a parkingposition that can handle diffrent plane sizes to lock for example for small planes to park theire for as long as you dont want them to do so?

Also, maybe just to think about, it would be kinda fun to assign aircrafts to certain stands ppermanently so that when thy arrive thy take that one, or can get reassigned if nessassary.

thanks for looking into this if possibl!



This is a really needed feature!

Alternatively, if locking stands with multiple sizes to a specific size is not possible at this stage, perhaps we could sell back the stand size at a reduced rate to then use the sizes we wish for it only.

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Parking stands were noted by the devs as a future plan but that was a long time ago. I’m curious as well if this ever going to happen

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Parking stands would be amazing and needed feature, I hope they haven’t given up on it. It’s actually an issue in some airports. For example - the limited L/X passenger stands in LEJ comes to mind.

I cannot get my SP from a completed contract, without landing my plane. Suppose I want to pause operations on that airport / or switch to flying more of the ai planes instead of my own for a bit - I will miss out on SP collection then.

Granted, I ofcourse can come in later when I want to start it up again and collect. Just wish we could collect without landing - or land and then send it to Hangar or Parking spaces. Some type of storage for inactive planes.