Game UI - Possible features/updates

I STRONGLY agree with you!!!

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I forgot to add this but with the clock, you can choose like a time of day, or period (morning/afternoon/evening/night) and have the game just run a normal 24 hours and have a speed up option (like infiniteflight) or to have shorter ground, times a 12 hour game day.

This would also have to reflect on the equipments as the more planes an airport can handle, the more equipment you need.

I would really like to see features of having home base concept of adding like klm or Lufthansa a particular terminal for their stands as in like in real life like assigning klm to Terminal 2 or so


I agree

I once proposed for a timetable that you can add certain planes to land at specific times. Maybe this idea can be incorporated that you can schedule a flight to a certain terminal as well

I.E. Prague has two terminals, one for European/Local flights and one for Intentional flights

Yes can also be incorporated in The New upcoming Delhi airport has i guess 3 terminal

What if you want a new livery for your new plane that you can’t get in a airport pass?
I’m more angry about that option being GP only, and the fact that obtaining a plane for free doesn’t unlock it too.

I recently tried playing around in the game and after some testing, I really do recommend increasing the handling limit for all planes. I get it’s not supposed to be easy playing this game but the lack of planes on the ground, especially at bigger airports is kind of boring tbh.

This is as many planes as I could get at PRG on the ground at the same time (with 10 of each vehicles types available since I haven’t unlocked more yet) but with only 2-3 handlers per aircraft. All of them were delayed and had to use my SP to get them on time which brought my amount down drastically.

And there was still constant movement going on that I didn’t have to wait much for a plane requiring some kind service. Also increasing the fuel time during handling as it is very unrealistic with the current time compared to the previous version.

With this idea, we can revert to the old level up style from 2.0 as with the planes taking longer to handle, that level ups wont go so fast, cause the current style requires a bit too much. I do hope this and the option to pause the game can be considered for a more recent future update.

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The new contract method is, in my opinion, far superior to 1.5, though I do agree that the XP requirements changed in 2.0.1 make it prohibitive and should be reduced a little bit.

The issue that I think needs to be addressed, Is that landing, taxiing, and take off is proportional to realistic speeds, BUT gate handling is sped up about 4x. To fix this problem, I’d like to see the the landing / taxiing / TO speeds be at the same ratio as gate handling speeds. So if gate handling speeds are 4x, then so is aircraft movements. If gate handling is 1x, then so is aircraft movements. Obviously, XP requirements will need to be adjusted accordingly if X planes are now going to take longer than they already do to handle.

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Apart from the contract system, which I also enjoy and adjusting the XP system, I’ll Agree to disagree.

I think it should be the other way around with the handling speeds/time limit reflecting the taxi/takeoff/landing speeds
And maybe implement a fast forward button to speed up the game in its entirety or a game mode that’s actually 100% proportionate in all aspects.
I for one hated seeing planes taking off like rockets and especially if you’re gonna have planes taxi like race cars, that’s gonna make it worse. I do agree the takeoff speeds could be slightly increased especially for the jets.
They wanted to replicate realism and having the planes move like that is not realistic since everything will have to be sped up, even the boarding/baggage/busses movements

I genuinely think they should take a few parts out of the page from the late Unmatched ATC gameplay

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Good day.

Please consider creating a feature on the next update where it’s easier to filter transferred contracts between S, M, L, & X planes and between PAX & CAO contracts.

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First of all, kudos for permanently turning on the exclamation point button, even when there is no need to do anything :+1:
Thanks for fixing the red dot on the contracts :ok_hand:

Please change the buttons to switches:
1 - switch: landing, on the ground and take off
2 - switch: plane size S, M, L, X and my plane
I would keep the warning buttons: red and yellow.

I look forward to further improvements :muscle::facepunch:

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Please put this filter.
When I try to find new contracts…I have to visit each and every place around it and see if a regional contract is available. And then buy it.
So a filter in FIND CONTRACTS for Local, Regional and International contracts would help a lot.


yes that would be helpfull, also informations about the profit, maybe a list with the best vaues at first, including the requirements necessary to set in the seatconfigurations at the airplanes… it´s a lot of work to try in differend configurations at each airport to look what profit is possible :frowning:

On the map of current contracts, I am hoping to see if we can filter the contracts when we select a destination, so that we would see what are the contracts go to this destination. And also, would be great if we can have a filter of pax and cargo contracts on this page.

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Agreed, I was pretty ticked about the cost of the SP-to-GP, but once you get a feel for how it works from Prague and on to the rest, it doesn’t take that long to stack up the SPs. The liveries, however, I don’t understand why they so expensive - one paint job, for one plane, for the cost of an entire plane??

Soooooo I haven’t been landing planes for some time before the update. So I decided to start from INN and work my way up. I would like to have the auto takeoff/landing that you can adjust. Seeing as there can be a long list of arrivals waiting I would like to be able to quickly view the aircraft’s that I have already assigned a bay for, maybe like making the yellow check turn red to signify its in the landing pattern and easily identifiable to clear for landing.


Hello it’s me again with another thought I forgot to mention.
First let me Thank the DEVS for allowing single contracts with other players, I do enjoy handling other player aircraft’s and seeing their liveries.
Is there a way to reduce the time to request another players aircraft from an hour down to say 45 or 30min refresh for request. I totally understand if there are any code or resource restrictions to having potentially more than two players at a single airport.

It wont have any affect having two players at the same airport.
I’ve had up to 4 with no issues

It would be cool to have playable and destination airport to have its logo. I the past WOA did have airport logos at playable airports in the main menu section. Sadly they updated there main menu back in 2021 and has not been re added ever since. It would also be nice to have destination airport (not playable) to also have a logo in the contract map and radar map as they did not have it even when the Playable airport do have them.
Here is a few sample airport logos




Airline logos can be brought back. It was used before the UI was redone for the first time but has been removed where would I receive put them on top where the flag is and remove the text and add the logo. It would be nice if this UI features was added
Few examples of airline logos. Note: this is not official this gives a rough idea of the what I am mentioning and I made it not the Devs.