Gate Assignments

Morning everyone, I have a general question, how many of you, particularly on PRG and IAD try to keep the same gates or gate blocks for your airlines, kind of like how they work in real life. I even try it on BRI a little bit. It doesn’t always work, but that’s ok because in reality IRROPS would do that too.

For example on BRI (as it’s the smallest)

302,304 - Ryanair
305-307 - Easyjet
309-311 - Alitalia
102-103 - Air Dolomite
105 - S7 or British Airways or Wizzair
107 - Volotea

for the smaller stuff

301-310 - I like to use them as overflows to keep them clear for my fleet when they are in-house
402-405 (nice renumbering there by the way) - Air France, Czech and Austrian
101-104 - British, Flybe

Now the cargo ones are in place I might do those too, we shall see, but I do have a developer question, (sorry if this has been asked before) there seems to be space for 7 more parking spots (106,108, 110,112, 109,111 and 113) in the 100 section in BRI, are those ever going to be released? or do you have a plan for them?


In Dulles United takes up concourse C and D and some of A. I would like that it could have gate assignments as well, But that is all player controlled. I do support this idea as well.

It wasn’t really a game suggestion, although it would be cool, i just wondered if anyone else did it.
I have PRG and IAD laid out similarly. For IAD mediums.
Frontier get C1 to C14
United get C15 to D8
Delta D9 to D18
American D19 to D22

I threw Southwest over to the R gates, but might move them back

I’m assigning also at IAD:

A+B for my long haul and those few others that sonetimes arrive
C for United, American, Delta & Southwest
D for my medium haul
R for Frontier
Z for my short haul
Z8 for the visit from Haugland

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Nice idea but Z8 is S and the Haug.Land plane is M.

You can assign M-aircraft to Z8 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, I never knew that one…

Z8 is the ONLY M stand I have at IAD…

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Lol, rip

Holy sh*t how do you have 17 mil

look closer at the screen shot, you will see a LOT of non-standard aircraft, particularly A380’s, once you get those guys, if you send them to Sydney it’s 23K a pop, then add in connections, smaller aircraft doing similar stuff and it’s a license to print money, for example, I have a 380 and a 777 at IAD and with everything else allows me to buy at least 1 E190 a day, save up, sell them convert to cash, then have enough to buy a 380 or similar, do that enough times and it reduces the number of other aircraft coming in, your average goes up (think sending 10 380’s to Sydney a day is 230K before you start.), 17m can be pulled in very easily if you are then studious with your spending because you have built everything out already.

Yea I just got the game like 3 days ago and sence this virus I have had so much time to play so I’m at bari with 40k people transported and just unlocking large gates. Having an average of around 1k during normal game play then to see him with a 17 mil blows my mind lol.

I see what you mean now I just got a large plane from somebody and it has 1200$ and times that by a lot and it’s like having a money printer lol.

Don’t be afraid to ask for connections, even if you don’t have your own fleet yet, folks will be willing to send you stuff, they still make money either way.
the trick with being successful is timing and availability, if you are available to play the game at the time your connection is roughly available you can rack up connections pretty quickly, however for it to count you have to service their planes when it arrives, if you don’t it won’t count towards the score, or vice versa if they don’t service yours, so you need active players. But you can rack up decent money that way, especially on the long haul stuff to/from IAD

Really? In the beginning I thought that connections was only from having your own fleet so I didn’t worry about it at all or even turn it on. So if I do the random button on the connections tab I can get people to send planes my way and I can service them and give them back and make extra cash?

Thx for all the help btw

yes, my experience is the random connections don’t work so well, there are 2 groups on Facebook, Cult of the second runway (which is the official group) and World of Airports players, which is actually run by a connection of mine, where you can ask for connections, or indeed there is a part to this forum where you can do the same. It’s much better if you work with someone specific, so that you know their timezone and when they play to get the max out of it. It’s better to have your own fleet so you can return favors, but it’s not an actual requirement to do so. i would offer, but all mine are taken up at the moment, I am afraid.

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It’s fine. Thanks a lot for the tips

Here’s some motivation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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