Gear Tilt

The first L plane I ever got was an A332 for KLM. When I cleared it to land, I was so excited to see the iconic tilted gear, but to my disappointment, it was straight and level. I know the devs have a lot to do but when do you think they will add tilted gear and details as such?

Screenshot 2024-03-23 10.46.54 PM

It will be added either when the a330 gets reworked into a V3 model, or once all the reworks are done. The only major reworks we have left are a320, 77f, 748, dh8d, and crj9. They are already started a320 so this will probably only take a couple more months

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Want to add that the C17 rework is also left.

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Actually way more than that, they still have the 737’s to re do plus potentially Concorde if they decide to do that too, Also the 757’s, E190’s etc.
So it’s going to be way more than a couple of months and I would not be setting that level of expectation with anyone at this point. Sorry.

They have said clearly that nothing on the landing gear either the tilt or retraction upon departure or even dropping on landing will happen until all the models are completely done and they are far from done with that yet I’m afraid