General Reminder: Bug Reports, Connections and Specific Threads


i have spent a significant amount of time creating threads for specific purposes, such as Bug Reporting, Connection requests and things like Real World news etc.

Please make sure you use those threads. if you create your own, they will be deleted with or without a response, depending on how much time i have to do so.

If you are wanting to post in those categories, please read the guideline posts in those sections. BEFORE posting, so that you know the correct place and format to post in.

Any questions, feel free to message me, but I want to be very clear to everyone, that if I decide to delete a post because it’s not following the guidelines, it’s not personal, it’s trying to be fair to everyone who is in fact following the guidelines as requested.



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Thank you to folks like (but not limited to) @Player8888065037 and @747_is_cool for assisting in policing this with me. Your support is greatly appreciated