General strategy questions

Hi everyone, relatively new player seeking a bit of strategy advice.

  1. For airports with one runway, Do you find it is more efficient to do a ‘one in one out’ strategy or try and land a lot of planes in bulk and take off in bulk?

  2. What is the point in having your own aircraft? Early on I’ve always sold the gifted aircraft to help extend the airport more quickly/buy more equipment. When I have kept the aircraft, I haven’t noticed much of a difference in rewards between just managing external contracts.

Thanks in advance.

Hey mjh424.

  1. It is faster to receive money (not more money)* and more fun if you land planes in bulk, because even if you have 2 or more aircraft, you could hold the planes until the first aircraft got handled and go on with the second, third, and fourth.
  2. Sell the planes. You will be given extra money, and you will have a hard time assigning contracts to each aircraft.

*You should have 3 or more equipment (each equipment costs 9-10k+ W for S planes, 15-25k+ W for M/L/X planes)


if you have discord, then a phenomenal resource for this is pinned in the research tab of the official WoA discord (join link is ingame)

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also, when starting an airport, sell planes.

BUT when you get LX planes KEEP THEM

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  1. That really depends on you. If you simply would like to maximize the runway efficiency without other tricks, I suggest one in one out would be better. However, I personally recommend that do as many landing as possible and simply leave the planes waiting to take off as long as you have space for planes. Plus, you can go to menu when you have too many planes waiting on the taxiway and they will disappear when you come back again!

  2. Having your own aircraft means you can earn more profit from flights, and it was the main way to earn sliver planes in previous 1.x version. Now you can still earn sliver planes from flying them. But I normally sell them in the early stage of an airport, which brings high return for expansion. You may have noticed some reward planes can be claimed at any airport and you can make full use of them.


due to my experience i use a similar strategy like Dreamliner.

  1. but additionally recognize, when you refresh the game (go to menu and back to the airport), not only departing planes waiting on the taxiway dissappear, also planes who was landed to taxi to there stands will dissapear. I use this trick at big airports like PRG or NGO only, after i had landed especially cargo planes, when this type of planes have reached their stands at the end of the airport. Otherwise you have to land this planes again and they have to taxi the long way to their stands again…

  2. I don´t use generelly all reward planes and i don´t sell them generelly. I selct the type of plane, this one with less profit (like AT 43 or At 75) i sell, better one (like E 170 and E 175) i use by myself. With E175 a profit of 900 Wollars each turn possible. It´s similar with planes of the category M, the E 190 i sell, and maybe B38 or B752 i use by myself, also A320…

i wish you much fun and success in the game
see you in the sky´s


It is an old strategy, to be honest. Bulking plane into a single mass of gates will not going to run the timer most of the time unless you assign them a handling crew, preferably with auto handling mode on.

So I can just calculate approximate estimations for how many planes you can handle in a single batch, preferrably 8 planes (1 Large, and most of the time BRI/SXM was dominated by Med/Small airplanes).