Get rid off Minigames

Regardless if I have the switch for Minigame Preference on “Always play” or “Always skip” the minigames appear (especially the very annoying Deicing). How can I completely switch them off?

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Have the settings on always skip. De-icing is the only minigame not affected by this for some reason

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Then I assume this is a bug. Thanks for your answer.

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That is more like a different type of mini-game. As example, all other mini-games are not related to handling process and on can be done automaticaly. De-icing mini-game is a handling process and should be activated as any other of them, by pressing correspondent button. On my opinion, this could be solved, if de-icing, while the mini-game option is disabled, would become a regular handiling service, without activation of mini-game manu. However, this would probably require rewriting of quite an amount of code.

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But if I switch off the Minigames, I would expect that all minigames are switched off and not only games of type A or type B or type C or…

But do I get it right, that there is not option to bypass this time consuming and annoying minigame?

Technically, there is a “skip” button, that will skip mini-game, however de-icing would be provided to aircraft anyway, but automatically. Not sure, if “skip” button is available, when mini-games turned on, but it should be, when turned off.

Deicing is a known issue and will be fixed in the coming update, noting that you can skip it on individual aircraft already


De-icing is also very seasonal because it depends on the temp at the real airport being below a certain number


I’d rather see it operate as another service for which you must purchase the vehicles, and must be done before takeoff is permitted.

I really wait hard for this bugfix. Yesterday I had 11 de-icings in a row - each with 1:20 mins, makes ~15 mins of blocked game play, where I lay the smartphone besides (because I don’t play this boring finger-wound-rubbing minigame) and can’t do anything at my airport. This bug is a motivation to not continue playing WOA.

The devs have made the de-icing minigame like that to increase the realism of airport handling on snowy/icy days. Although they may connect this minigame to be ‘skipped’ from the main button in settings (I think), it will most likely always be there and you can’t prevent it from happening as it is an important process in the real world. Unlike the landing and marshalling minigames where they are just for fun.

I have to disagree! Yes, the de-icing is a real world process BUT it is not a real world process, that the Airport Manger has to do the de-icing and it is not a real world process, that no other plane can’t handled and during the de-icing!
To avoid a misunderstanding: It’s fully understandable that the de-icing must happen and that it costs time but I don’t have an understanding, that I, as the player of the game, must do the de-icing manually!
Otherwise it would also be a valid argument, that I must do the unloading manually, the refuelling manually, etc. because they are all real worl processes.

You know you can click the X on the decing when it comes up and it does it itself, plane will then appear ready once complete? You just need to make sure there’s enough time for that to happen and that you remember to click the departure when it’s done.

Yes, I know that I don’t need to rub my fingers wound and that is what I do! If the de-icing game comes up, I lay my phone besides and wait until time’s up (and try hardly to not loose the joy of the game). But I operate 76 own planes from IAD and I believe you can imagine, that then the whole airport operations stucks, if I’m every few seconds blocked for 1,5 minutes. Have a look at the attached screenshot - if I’m lucky, I must play only every second de-icing and this is enough to start hating this game!

I think it was already mentioned that it will be fixed next update. And I would also like to add that the UI is going to be changed as well so there is a chance that the ‘skip minigame’ button will be larger (therefore decreasing the amount of time when you accidentally hit ‘play’). But this is mostly speculation.

Sorry, but cry me a River. I operate 104 from IAD. It’s really not a big deal. The devs are going to fix it for sure but click the X, let it run, move on, by the time you are done with something else it will be ready to depart


I totally agree with carlsberg72. I have 154 planes at IAD. As de-icing takes time i often choose an airport to play depending on the weather condition (temperature). Can’t remember any deicing in MCT until now.

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I’m really sorry that I annoyed you with this topic but I was blind and have misunderstood what you mean with the “X”. Clicking the “X”, to skip it, is no issue for me and I’m happy with this solution.
It seems the random de-icing, that I had to do, was just the luck, if I’ve hit the De-Icing-Button more on the left or right end.

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