Getting a golden plane faster with my own planes is possible

Getting a golden plane faster with my own planes is possible


and how

Get the planes to maintanence d then sell it

But why doesn’t that bring me golden planes
then it really works
because I have planes waiting for me

it does, if you get past maintenance C and then sell the plane, it only gives you cash if you do it before the maintenance C check.
The quickest way, depends on how you play, but the longest journeys eat up the most NM and thus get you to maintenance levels more quickly, however they also tend to earn less cash on average than shorter durations completed more times and you can end up in the tricky situation of not having enough money to support all the maintenance costs.

So you need to play hard with both your own aircraft and generic aircraft to make sure that you don’t have that problem. It is harder to do that from INN and BRI for example, as they have fewer long distance destinations for the S and M aircraft, so playing more helps you.

Either way its a grind situation, keep playing, earn the money and then cash out with GP’s when you get your aircraft to D. however… piece of advice, you should only take the GP’s when you are about to hit the NM for Maintenance D, because then you would have earned the max revenue you can from the plane before selling it and invariably you need that money to pay for maintenance on other aircraft etc.

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What if I sell the first one now I’ll get a golden plane

No, you don’t. After maintenance C you can sell it for GP.

so after maintenance c i get a golden plane


No, your aircraft must reach the required nautical miles it flew, then you can sell it and get the Golden Planes.

but again, getting past maintenance C, and then selling it, misses out on revenue for what is usually one of the longest differences between maintenance, So the trick really is, use it all the way until you are just before Maintenance D (but not past it) and then sell it. That maximizes the revenue from the plan.
If you go past maintenance D check, you can continue earning revenue, but the plane is worth scrap. I.e. nothing, no gold planes, no W’s

Am I right? (Studying to play)

When choosing to receive rewards from options A, B,C and D…

  1. Collect miles for all rewards or can only choose one option…?
  2. Will the plane disappear or not…?

Ok so
1.only one option, which you always should shoot for gold planes unless you are really hurting for money
2. Once you get rid of it yes

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That’s how plane look, ready to farm GP.