Glitch/bug that makes one flight from a destination twice

So I am controlling Innsbruck, and wanted to get more flights from Zurich, Then when I go to see Zurich in my destinations, in the Medium planes, I see that there are 2 Alitalia AZ930 flights when their should be 1 Alitalia AZ930, and 1 Austrian OS458. Can someone help me with this?

This a know bug. It has been around for a long time.

See post SAN | Double flightnumbers

There is nothing you can do about it.

if you are on facebook, you could take screenshots and send them to the devs through their game facebook page or their instagram page. Those are often the fastest ways to send them the info so they can add any they missed to the bug list.

You are probably getting another plane from another airport. Check ACTIVE status on the other Destination tabs for a similar plane. ACTIVE flights (blink) in the tabs that are set as ARRIVALS in the que.