Golden plane tickets are not available and instructions for earning tickets were not stated

Before the current version of World of Airports could come out, there was a chance to earn gold plane tickets, except the game itself never gave instructions to clearly state what to do to earn them (especially for new players). Now I don’t even stand a chance in earning a single golden plane ticket just to continue on. Plus, for new gamers on this match, gaming methods should be easier to control regardless of the level the player is at. Me personally I am stuck in this situation with no idea of understanding how the previous game version even worked, and now I am disappointed so I rated this game two stars for both the golden tickets no longer being able to earn and the game itself which constantly booted me for a solid two years

You realise golden planes were replaced with silver planes and that’s why you can’t earn them, silver planes is the new free to earn currency, golden planes became the devs sole way of making money, don’t rate the game bad just because of a small change that makes almost no difference, and ask around before doing that as well

If explanation is needed I can help with that
Silver planes works the same as golden planes except its multiplied by 100, can only be used to purchase planes and their liveries, and is a bit harder to obtain
Otherwise it makes almost no difference to golden planes, which now are just kinda there to help support devs and can still be used for planes or be converted into sp or wollars

As for the crashing thing I’m unsure how to help, try clearing your cache and device memory, I had the same issue and now that I’ve cleared my memory (I largely kept my cache clear) crashing has dropped to every 5 ish hours (no I never have sessions that long, there’s like 2 hour i between moment where my phone is off but the app is open)


I don’t understand about the silver planes. I went to the shop and spent 200 silver planes to buy one. Then I found out I had to get a livery, whatever that is. Then I had to spend an additional 100 silver planes to unlock it. Then purchase it with wollars. What is the proper way I should do this? Thanks

To be able to buy an aircraft, you need to unlock it.
Unlocking the aircraft is as you stated, by spending silver planes.

The basic variant you unlock is a white aircraft livery.
The liveries with colour cost additional silver airplanes (or in some cases gold airplanes).

Liveries are NOT mandatory to buy an aircraft, the aircraft only needs to be unlocked.
As soon as it is unlocked, you buy the aircraft with W.

Airplanes can eventually (at the end of their lifecycle) be sold again for silver airplanes.

Note as well, that specific aircraft can be unlocked by simply playing a specific airport.

Thus in short:
Unlock atleast a white livery aircraft using silver airplanes > once unlocked its unlocked forever and can be bought with W. > buy the aircraft with W > eventually sell it and get Silver planes back for it.

Optional: you want a nice colour on your aircraft? Spend silver airplanes for liveries on unlocked aircrafts (no additional benefits except it looks better)

With gold airplanes, that you buy with real money, you can unlock aircraft types and liveries as well, however golden airplanes are unobtainable in game for free.


And only gold plans can reset your liveries color setting, sliver plan can only be used to purchase liveries shapde.