Good low cost m plane/jet

Good low cost m plane/jet? What would you pick with only 1000-700 whites?

Whites? You mean silver planes?
Anyways, the A320/19s are my main passenger operator and it is very good as of now, I reccomend it, however if your looking at cargo operations I can re ccomend only the 734f, as it is the only plane I operate for cargo
As for the other planes, I imagine someone else can speak for them

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The a319 has the highest roi compared to other m planes (iad-sea as the benchmark route). The b734 (pax) is a good runner up and the free e190 that you unlock at prg completes the top 3.

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Thanks to both of you…interesting I hope one of those is under 1000 silver planes…they look white to me.

Wonder if other(s) will agree with any of those.

Thanks again.

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Whaca mean “b734 (pax)”?

I dont see a pax airport.

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Passenger, that’s what pax means



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