Google games

Hi guys
I start second account to play on my other phone but when connect profile by Google Games in the game there is no name of the account.
If I reinstall the game from Google store and connect again my prosperity from before will be kept or no?


Did you log into Google Play before launching your game?

I am always log in.
Just on the second phone I use my another email

You can delete and install the game again, there will be no issues I believe

I reinstall the game and now can’t run.
Stuck when its loading and not connect with Google games.
All other games I have conected with Google games start without problem :frowning::frowning::frowning:

Oh that’s not good. I think I had the same issue as you a few months ago, try clearing cache and data from Google play store

Actually I found the answer.

Apparently I had to clear the data from Google Play Service. It sounds surprising that Google Play Service’s were the one that wouldn’t let me load the game. It was very weird, but I found the answer. Thanks thought I seriously appreciate it :smiley:

and whats the account name (in game account) ? othwerwise it can not be checked by those who can

I clean all User data and Cache in Google Store,Google games,Phone storage…unninstall the game and Google Play…install them again its the same problem.
The game dont wanna start…loading a little then freeze

That I understand. In order to check what is possibly wrong on WoA side i need “user account” in game.

In Google play is WiryDistortion20
If you want email I can give it also

I make factory reset on my phone.Everything new…cant load the game
What the hell was happened???

Game is synchronized via google play or IOS game center. It has nothing ot do with whats on the phone (factory reset including).

If there is a problem with Google Play or IOS Game Center - that is beyond WoA team control (thats my understanding at least).

I install the game on my old tablet that no have even updates of android or even some basic apps anymore and the game start without that stupid Google Play.

Yes the graphics are not the best but the game is running

I can’t understand.I make new Google profile everything clean and new and again f*cling stuck!!!

Problem is solved!