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Hey everyone, this isn’t really a problem, but I wanted to ask two things.

  • If I changed my Google Play Games name recently, is there a way it can change in game?

  • If I delete WoA for some reason, can I have all of my progress back via Google Play?

I don’t plan on deleting, I just want to make sure that some way my storage will be saved. Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:. Thanks!

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Good night, I had to uninstall it once, and the progress was saved thanks to God, so if you have a google account, you can do that you don’t lose the progress, as for your name in the game I don’t know how to answer

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Right, so I may of have made an oopsie. I needed some space to move some files around and also needed space to try something on another game, so I deleted WoA temporarily. Now when I downloaded it, it gave me an error and when I open it, it won’t load. Any suggestions?

I have had this problem and someone else did as well. It’s an issue on both android and Apple devices. (I guess those jokes that Apple is better isn’t so true anymore…) they should be fixing it.

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So I wont be able to play for now?

I installed it on two Android phones (the old one I still use for gaming) and always have the current status in both devices thanks to the Google Play account. I’m not sure what will happen after deleting the app from your phone/tablet.