Gorgeous camera views!

Absolutely love the new camera views, especially the take off and landing ones. It really feels like you are at an actual airport with different angles of the planes moving around. Absolutely superb! Kudos to the devs and the game engine.

Just a few suggestions
1 Can we have some labeling of the camera views i.e. tower view 1, so that we can quickly set our favorite view.
2. Can we please add filters for arriving, on stands and departing planes. The scrolling list is a mess. Or can there be some kind of auto queing ie. arriving right, departing on the left and others in the middle.
3. To use the new camera views I have to go to 50% resolution, however the game speeds up considerably due to this with incoming plane speed increasing dramatically. At 100% the game drags. Can we optimize the performance to get steady game speed and graphics.
4. Can we extend the camera Cutoff when viewing taking off. I would love to see more of the takeoff on the closer angles.

Thanks again for the new features, they have taken the game to a whole new level.

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some quick answers:

  1. There is less and less valuable space on screen (considering we may want to put couple more buttons - also in regards card subject no.2
  2. There is a plan to have filtering (we have one idea in the drawing board).
  3. Optimization happens on every build as I was told. New features - well they are nice but they often comes with cost. Still some more optimization always to be expected - content is changing to often … maybe we should have 1 update a year instead ? :smiley:
  4. Thats purely preformance issue when plane is followed all the way (that is the reason it was “cuted-out” couple of builds back.