Got kicked out of the game for no reason

I’m regularely switching between my iphone and ipad when playing, but yesterday after I purchased golden planes, my account got suspended, and was kicked out with this screenshot.
I sent an email to with the screenshot and posted it here as well (as a reply to a long thread) but no reply on either.
is there something that I’m not aware of ?

Nope, just got to wait for the devs to do their thing, nothing else anyone can do about it I’m afraid.
You’ve done the right things (most people don’t even try what it says) it just sometimes takes a while with it being a relatively small team.

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Thanks @carlsberg72 - I still find it weird that got kicked out for no reason, a bit too ‘overzealous’ kind of watchdog I would say, but could have just fall back on linking the obvious (same account - same user)

let see

You didn’t get kicked out, this is an automated process, happens to a bunch of folks. So don’t take it personally as it’s not like that.