Gray and green contract events

In the 2.0 contracts, what’s the difference between gray and green dots? Does it affect the payout? How do I get more green dots?

The green dots are essentially the number of times you handled that plane in that active contract. It resets to gray when you upgrade the contract. So in this case, you have to handle it 1 more time to get the contract reward.

Each time you complete them all you get the option to upgrade which adds another dot up to a max of 10
Rewards are bigger for each successfully completed contract

What happen if you get max at 10? Is the contract will end or it will restarted again?

You can extend the contract, short flights will come back quickly to airport and that a quick way to get rewards xp and reach 3 stars, I am already 3 stars and 44th level at SXM

When you reach 10, you can continue the contract but with no extra rewards(rewards=10th level) or cancel it.

So at max level 10, you would only get wollars, no more silver planes? I think that would be my ‘cancel contract’ indicator…

But still after each 10 landings i get 25xp which accelerate me to unlock all levels and 10 landings so quick with flights to SAB, EUX, SKB Etc…after I unlock all 48 then i cancel them as M and L flights take too long to land and taxi and turnaround, to do just 1 L flight turnaround I get a S flight doing 3 turn arounds

You still get silver planes, but not more than what you would normally get at the tenth level