Grinding GP

Hey all, quick question, what is the best plane to grind GP in all categories? Meaning, what is the best S, M, L, and even X plane to grind GP? Thanks a lot!

I’ve not tested the science or maths, but my hunch is the E190. Cheap purchase price, compared to other planes you can sell for 2GPs.
Just run them into the ground on the vast choice of M destinations


S: cheapest price for GP = SAAB 340B (15 000 W), faster but more expensive way = CRJ-700 (35 000 W)
M: the best price-speed ratio = E190 (25 000 W)
L: C-17 Globemaster (72 666 W), pax way = A330-200 (79 666W), more economical way regarding W = B787 (97 333 W)
X: B747-8 (104 500 W)


Awesome! Thank you so much!

@Gardscoigne Thanks! I’ll definitely use the E190 from now on!


Yes, I agree. I run about 100 E190s between all of the airports and cash in about 10 per week for GP. Like @Gardscoigne said, run them to your furthest M destinations.

In my experience, real passengers LOVE flying on them from IAD to NGO and GIG; SAN to NGO.

I run 5 from MCT to ZRH, 5 to INN, 5 to PRG and 5 to INN each.


I don’t like send plane to player’s airport, it’s like mostly 4 lost hour. And I don’t like player’s plane, low profit waste time.
The best destination, in my opinion, it’s that take 5 hour +/-
Another not bad alternative for E190, it’s A319. Same price, same maintenance cost, but more passenger’s 142vs114
Same destination for 4 planes.
C Maintenance/Aircraft/Fuel Cost/Income/Clear Income/ total income before D maintenance/Full maintenance cost.

299650 B757 344 3150 2806 174443 165000
290550 E190 191 1475 1284 77399 75000
292500 A319 262 1813 1551 94121 76500
295100 A320 256 2467 2211 135366 136500
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I like the A319. I mix them in.

The challenge for me is that I run more M planes (E190) than I have M gates (about 2x # of planes than gates). As such, I find that I can turn the E190s 3 minutes less time than A319 since E190 don’t have food, toilet and water.

At MCT, I can work six E190s (one at a time) in the time it takes to land six. At MCT also, there is a seemingly shortage of fuel (imagine that), so keeping planes off the gates is important.

I do agree, A319’s are impressive.

Also, SUPER interesting about not running them to other player airports. You’re 100% right on!

Problem with other player airports, it’s 4 hour waiting time for service. So if you run 4 hour trip, you spend 4 hour for waiting and your 4 hour trip become 12 hour trip, and instead if you lucky to send you plane 3 time per day, you can send it only 2 time per day. And it’s increase you GP mining time, less flights, less you get GP per day. If you сertainly don’t mind to waste this 4 hour per trip.
It’ll be very good to have option to turn off/on possibility of waiting for player’s service or AI service in those airport’s.

Almost never have that problem. Picking the right connection partner is important.

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I think it’s best for getting GP. You have 2 times a day to send off the planes.
If I had the need to grind GP, I would never use a connection for that because of the possible four hours waiting time.


Yea I haven’t been sending them to NGO or other player airports. GIG and below are perhaps the best options as they are a direct flight and back without delay. It all depends on your schedule too. If you can only play once a day at the same time then sending them to player airports won’t be that much of a loss in time.

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Do you know if the 734 is of any use as well?

I have a few 737s as well (red/white/blue at SAN and IAD) that I send to player airports to mix it up a bit… but since I generally play all of the airports, my goal is in and out… so E190’s are the lowest cost M, do not have food/luggage or water (fastest turn around) and yield GPs the quickest.

The larger M planes 100% give you a higher W benefit per trip, so it depends on the way you play, IMO.

(and FWIW, I do send 2x E190’s to NGO from IAD and SAN, yes they take longer, but I can usually put 4 planes there from each airport each day I play).

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As noted it, it’s about picking a connection partner that works best for your timezone (especially on long haul) and times you play.
Get the right one and the 4 hours waiting suddenly becomes a lot shorter.
But you have to have one to get the GP’s for the connections. Bear in mind that you get 2 for each connection completed to 100.

So right now with 7 airports and generally between 3 and 5 connections per airport so average at 4. That’s 28 connections x2 so 56 GP’s up for grabs. Sure it doesn’t max your money. But that’s 56 GP and the W’s and then getting your aircraft to D to unlock those GP’s as well.

can somebody tell me, which planes will be unlocked for free (after finishing all achievements on the airports) on NGO, SAN and MCT?


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There are no free unlock able aircraft on NGO,SAN and MCT. Only INN,BRI,PRG and IAD

Or do you mean as usable aircraft that’s not unlocked. Like the 757 achievement but not unlocked the plane


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No problem