Guidelines for V2.0 Connections

As part of the new updating to Connections by Route, we are going to implement certain guidelines for requesting and accepting partners.

Due to a significant number of threads due to all the routes, please utilize the tag search at the top of the main page to narrow down your list. Each route has been tagged with both origin and destination names accordingly.

Information required for Requests:

1). Game User ID: eg. Flightline123
2) Are you a daily player or otherwise how often do you play (this is important because aircraft sit at destinations until handled so could be cancelled if folks believe you arent playing)

There is no time limit like before, so if a plane arrives when you are asleep, no harm no foul. It will be ready and waiting when you start playing again.

Receiving partners:

Please reply to the request by highlighting the user ID in the request and selecting “Quote”.

Please add the following information:

  1. Your User ID
    2, are you a daily player or more casual, see above

Once an acceptance is made, please close your posts by clicking on the “…” on your post and selecting “lock Post” through the Wrench icon menu

Mods will also lock obvious completed requests. and may also highlight them so people can see they are closed.

Do NOT create your own threads from this point on. They will be deleted to keep the listing clear for all the regular route threads.

Any questions, feel free to comment below and we will answer them.

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