Handling achievement bug

Visit from HL -5 546 ?


mine went up from 3k something to 14400 :thinking:

I have the same problem in BRI and PGR. Jump from 200 and 309 to 800 anda1200.

Waiting fix

Same issue in PRG for me, was 800 gone up to 2700 :sweat_smile:

BRI jumped to 2000
PGR jumped to 3000
ADI jumped to 4400
Can’t remember what they where before.

Same here. Went from 300 turned into 900. Kinda sad.

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Same problem here
Bari went from 800 to 1600 and Prague from 400 to 1200

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Same here, jump to 3200

I believe this isn’t actually a bug and is to make it harder to get golden planes. Once you get L/XL planes I’ve found it pretty easy to handle a load of then in a day or two and earn that visit achievement. Now it’s going to take a little longer…
For me I do think jumping from 800 to 2700 is a little drastic, but I understand the devs wanting people to use in app purchases for golden airplanes and I’m happy to spend that little bit of money on a game is that is completely free to play and ad free.


It’s not a bug, it’s been deliberately changed because the Devs think it’s too easy to get planes. (Source: @shill)

Well if that is the case goodbye from me. I have worked out that it is going to take me 2 months to get a large plane!!!

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you don’t need a large aircraft to make money. you can generate a lot of income with small and medium ones and the money for those can be generated in a few hours of gameplay. once your fleet of small and medium aircraft grows, large aircraft are the next step. the more you play the harder it is to get golden aircraft by playing anyway (even with the old numbers). just sell your small and medium aircraft to generate gold.