Hangar Revenue is wrong

So, I was looking forward for tracking the revenue of a new B752F at PRG.

I’ve just bought it and sent it to BRU, and earned about 2374 Wbucks (First flight).
Then I went to the Hangar and there my revenue was doubled, 4748 Wbucks.

After that I’ve checked the revenue for my NGO planes and played there, taking notice for the Wbucks earned for every flight I’ve sent, making this sheet:

Code Plane W Before Route W Supposed W Hangar W Difference

JAVJP BAE 146 ₩10.001,00 ₩1.002,00 ₩11.003,00 ₩11.003,00 ₩-
JAXQP BAE 146 ₩26.150,00 ₩1.002,00 ₩27.152,00 ₩27.152,00 ₩-
JAYSZ CRJ700 ₩35.155,00 ₩643,00 ₩35.798,00 ₩36.441,00 ₩643,00
JAFNS B752F ₩37.230,00 ₩2.851,00 ₩40.081,00 ₩42.932,00 ₩2.851,00
JALXF B757 ₩11.491,00 ₩3.233,00 ₩14.724,00 ₩17.957,00 ₩3.233,00
JACRC E190 ₩7.430,00 ₩1.510,00 ₩8.940,00 ₩8.940,00 ₩-
JAMLS E190 ₩21.354,00 ₩1.468,00 ₩22.822,00 ₩22.822,00 ₩-
JAZTB E190 ₩7.277,00 ₩1.467,00 ₩8.744,00 ₩8.744,00 ₩-

So, resuming my point, there IS a bug.
I Don’t know if it is happening JUST for this type of planes (B752F in two airports) or if it is a RANDOM glitch for all planes (worse scenario).

The data is difficult to see, here is a printscreen:

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