Help needed

Hi all. I’m new to the game and just struggling to understand some basics.

Im currently playing PRG and I have available arrivals slots and stands, but whenever I unlock an arrivals slot from a new airport - I get one arrival from there immediately and then never again? I’d like full stands ideally haha so what am I missing?


From my experience, it gives you it once you unlock it, and then randomly every so often, so you’re not missing anything, just unlucky! And about those unfilled stands, it just happens, sometimes you’re full, sometimes you’re not. Hope that helps

Stands will never be full unless you have a full fleet of your own aircraft on the ground. There’s an algorithm in the game that kind of sets a ratio of aircraft circulation, so that the stands are not all full together at the same time. Plus you wouldn’t have enough services to do that anyway


Come out to the main screen and reconnect to the airport. Then the plane will continue to visit normally.

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Yup, the arrival rate is inversely proportional to the number of open stands. The fewer the available stands, the more infrequent the arrivals.

i could be wrong, but in my experience when one plane on a given route vanishes after departure, if there is still an open stand of that type (it has not been filled by another plane of that class) then it will immediatly offer it for arrival. so basically, if there are free stands, then the moment a plane departs, it will again become available for arrival.