HEX colors for your planes!

Hi all, I am always changing my livery colors like crazy. I wanted to manualy find a lot of colors (for example very dark grey) but was unsuccessfull. Due this I found hex codes for colors on the web and find the code for it which i typed to the line below the color palette! Below I am sending you the link where you can find hex codes for many colors. I hope it will help you to get the livery you always wanted!



Nice one :+1:

I made about 10 different blue shades to find the one that looks good to me in the game. Somehow they look a bit different to the colours in the Hangar.
1 gold plane for another colour than the plain ones is also not for anyone.

Yes, the colors in hangar and in the game look different. I have spent tens of golden planes to get the best color. And then I have hanged it after a week again :smiley:

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thank! very helpful article. In addition, I can leave a link to another site with codes https://create.vista.com/colors/palettes/. There is also a large palette. I hope it was helpful


well here is a site that can teach u about color , hope u enjoy it…color code