its more easy you give me your gamer name as type in the long id

@Lopaka777 Shadownik87

@Shadownik87 you have a second request!

@Lopaka777 I accepted it :+1: thanks. what beautiful liveries you have!!

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iḿ a fan of colourful

@Lopaka777 :grinning:

Can you screenshot the livery please I want to see how beautiful it looks

@Player1233 I Just requested your IAD, then you will See one , ITS the newest one of my fleet now. I hot IT for reach Level 60 in MCT

Thanks for the contract and livery is amazing


PlasticMonkey4712 is my username also is it ok to change it from Hey to Player Username for future connections as I am a regular and can change it?

I already know your Username…" Hey" is the capitel we wrote in, that happens by a failure of me, by thinking answer someone in personal message. I must collect my experience here also.

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My username is kaseyap