Hidden Strategy to Handle Planes **Hear me out**

Ok, this might be kind of stupid, but I haven’t been brave enough to try it.

At a certain point after maxing out LHR, silver plane profit is no longer an issue. The main challenge is the high price of 10 golden planes to purchase a single handling crew member. (seriously thats actually insane)

My idea is to assign just one handler to each plane and let it run on its own. This will obviously cause the contract to be delayed, but with over 55,000 silver planes, the impact isn’t significant because I can afford to pay the penalty of around 200-400 silver planes per delayed aircraft.

Anyone up for giving this a shot? Let me know your thoughts!

Not sure what you hope to find out. As you’d expect, I anticipate a lot more clicks as you have the “fix the contract” step with every plane. Also, don’t you lose out on the Wollars and SP/XP, even if the contract is saved?

It’s definitely possible, but I highly doubt that it’s time efficient? When you max out LHR you have 260+ handlers and clearing the entire airport of L/X is ~3 waves @ 15-17 min… this approach nets you silver planes.

Versus your approach which would take hour+ to clear each plain, not net you Silver Planes, and require hours waiting on screen (can’t background the app) for them to finish?

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Honestly after maxing out LHR (or any other airport for that matter), wouldn’t be such a bad thing to have planes stand longer on the ground (at no expense of SP) and have the game play a bit more realistic, by implementing the one handler suggestion above. Just my opinion.

I do think it should be an option that the penalty of handlers doesn’t count after maxing out an airport, giving those of us who want planes longer on the ground what we’ve been asking for a while.

But this is in no way a demand. I know the developers have intentions with their game and I’m Just grateful to have it and be able to enjoy it. I do however, just see SO MUCH potential with this game.

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I wouldnt mind wasting SP on this but I still dont understand the point lol.

I don’t quite get your point. I think LHR is the only airport that you don’t have to buy extra workers to maximize the efficiency.

If you only have contracts of A124s, A388s and B748Fs, which is an extreme case, the total amount may be inadequate. However, I have B77Ws and B744Fs and the workers used are mostly between 180-270… So it should be fine…

I bought Premium Pass in LHR btw…


afford to pay the penalty of around 200-400 silver planes per delayed aircraft.

It’s okay for players with many SP, but so not efficient for players that still need to grind lots of silver planes only to have them spend them off for delays.

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I think the point is to fill the airport with planes.
If you assign the max amount of handlers, you are going to have 15 planes max at the airport.
So, to have a more realistic experience.
I get it and I have tried it.

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