Historic airlines

Wouldn’t it be cool to have historic airlines arrive at your airport?
Please reference this site cause I was lazy and didn’t want to write it myself…


Out of all the defunct airlines, I think it would be really nice to see Monarch and First Choice in game! Both had really nice liveries.


I feel like the more modern defunct airlines (2000-present) should get implemented beforehand since no new airplanes will have to be implemented (unless required). It would be nice if they added the FlyBe Q-400 or E-190 since that was pretty recent. Then, in my opinion, they should add more major country airlines like Air Madrid, Air Southwest etc.
(btw if anyone was even crazy enough to read the full Wikipedia list, it ain’t accurate…aT aLl)

Yeah, BE Dash 8 is a must. I’d also like to see the older easyJet livery, add a little more variety.

Air Madrid? Never heard of them.

Older liverys of current airlines’. yeah

With the addition of the 737-400, that might be more common. Hopefully they add the BA 734s, as they were common on flights from LGW to many European destinations.

The MD’s would also do a lot to the game livery wise… The old American livery anyone?

American chrome is a must, I actually commented on an idea about that earlier today, in another thread.

Yup, saw that one

Would love to see both of those.(Monarch, and First Choice), would also love Britannia and Caledonian too.

Also for @Person, the flybe q400 is on the consideration list, go vote for it

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When was that added? Must be recently! I have memories of flying on a first choice 757, and an A320 a couple years after the Thomson merger. I also remember flying onboard a Monarch 757 & A300. Their lone 737-800 or an A320neo would be great in game, especially for INN.

Air Madrid is a Spanish airline which could, in theory, make it to the game if they agree with the idea of historic airlines/liverys and add any airport from these places and it stopped operations early 2010’s so it fits with the modern feeling of the game ( Airbus A310-300 Airbus A319-132 Airbus A330-200 Airbus A330-300 Airbus A340-300

Not an airline but I want the oldest airport in the game. College Park Airport established in 1909.

I’m saying airlines only cause of how much easier it would be to code and the devs would (obviously) have more information to reference off of bug yes old airports would be cool.

Might I add historic airports? The idea being adding airports that have closed down or have had a concept but have not/will not make it to the real world.

I would like to see
Air Berlin
Silk Air
Annsett Australia
US Airways

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Didn’t this game have Thomas Cook last year?


Could’ve sworn they had it at some point though

Either way Thomas Cook would be a good addition/re-addition to the game

As far as I’m aware, the only livery that was removed was the fictional Smartwings livery, that was replaced with the actual Smartwings livery earlier this year.