Hoe to progress fast without spending money?

Im very interested in this beautiful game. But im only 18 and dont have my own money to spend. My question is which is the fastest way to progress in the game without spending any money. Because there have been times i have got bored because thr game was very slow.

Earlier advice:

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Hello dean,

  1. Buy own Airplanes much as possible and play (serve) them first. You earn a lot mor of money than with computer based incoming planes (artificial interligence = AI). With planes category S you will earn like M AI planes, with own M you will earn wollars like L AI planes and at least with own L planes you will earn like X AI planes.
  2. Serve all planes within the countown time, you will earn keys you need to unlock new connections an to unlock success for silverplanes and other presents.
  3. Serve M and L Planes as soon as possible, you earn much more Wollars as with S Planes, therfore buy M and L stands so fast as possible.
  4. when you reached the success to unlock connections, first unlock some in the arrival pillar up you have enough incoming AI Airlines. You should have a little bit more unlocked Airlines as stands…
  5. when you reach the success to unlock connections and you have enough connections for foreign airlines, also unlock connection in the right pillar at the depature side. You need this for your own Airplanes to send them to unlocked Airports.
  6. Unlock in the departure pillar connections with close distances as possible, because in gladly distances your own planes come back faster and you can send them again.
  7. Unlock in the departure pillar connections with great distances (so far away) as possible, with this Airports you can earn silver Airplanes. When you have reached the demanded flight kilometers for C Maintanance at your own airplane, after then you can sell these and change into silver plane, which you need in the shop to unlock new planes with better cathegory.
  8. At first you will only able to buy cheaper kind of S planes AT 43 for example. Later try to unlock the B462, when you have collect enough silver planes. But look at your list of success. Sometimes there will be unlocked some kind of better planes.
  9. For planes of M cathegory its like the same way. At first buy A319, later B757, its the best plane of M cathegory. Similar for L Planes, A332 the cheaper one and B777 the expensive but one of the best.
  10. When you have enough own planes to select within the game to start, send cheap planes at longest distance to earn silver planes and the god ones to the shortest distances to earn much wollars as possible.
  11. With Cargo planes you can collect more wollars than with passanger planes. Therefore buy stands to serve cargo planes as soon as possible, and serve own cargo planes as soon as possible too.

Have fun in this great game, i wish you much success and more fun!!


dean look also in google an seek for “world of airports phat airlines videos”. Jeremy explained all functions and tips for best progress in the game very detailed. At discord server (Phat Airlines) you can find also many informations.

many greatings from schrankogel