How can I get my levels back

Hello everyone,

I am playing world of Airports for over a year now, but in the last to months I had a lot of important exams so I did not have much time for playing. I was already at Prague Airport at level 15 or something, had every gate and was close to have every parking position, and today when I opened the app again after the new update I was again at level 0 at Prague airport and every single gate wasn’t there anymore. How can I get my levels back and all my connections and gates or terminals. I do not want to restart everything, I just want my levels back…

Well in short, the levels won’t come back. It got reset (like the LEJ update).

I have the same issue, at almost the same stage. My assumption is that reconnecting to the Apple Game Centre will restore the previous (pre 2.0) state.

Each time I try to link to my Game Centre, (bottom left side of the opening GC account, followed by “An error occurred while linking the account”.

I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, same result. I will try a restart on the iPad, as a last ditch attempt.

Like Stuzl03 above, it is so frustrating to lose all the investment (time and a little money) to this point. If I cannot relink/restore my previous history, I doubt I will continue.


Same fore me if they don’t refund/give the progress back i will do a complaint. Then we can say they stole my money. I spent around 10bucks but imagine a kid who spent idk a 100 bucks duh…

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