How can I open a new Airport

In our old version, I could find out how many passengers I have and how many I need to open the next airport (for example 1mio passengers for SAN). Now I have no idea how I can open a new airport - only with golden plains or with passengers, too?

Passenger requirement is gone. Now your options are either with gold planes or complete the appropriate level on the previous airport.

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Thank you

hey carlberg, to you know what level in SXM will be required to open the next airport? New levels are constantly being added, that could be a long way on a single runway Airport with long taxi ways on the runway and therefore long time occupation of the runway. :frowning:

Unfortunately I don’t, and I’m not sure the devs do either. What I suspect may happen is those past the point the devs choose will get it opened, others will need to work up or pay

For now sxm unlocks mct. So maybe lej will unlock the new airport or they will replace mct on sxm with delhi

MCT on SXM will be replaced as MCT is unlocked via SAN

so we unlock del via sxm?

How do you check that?

[Nevermind Found it

now that I think of it, i’m pretty sure you unlock sxm from ngo, and san from sxm. I could be wrong tho. If i’m right, that pretty much confirms we will be unlocking Delhi from lej.