How can I tell when my plane is about to enter maintenance?

Here’s a situation. I want to sell my plane. But first I want to squeeze out as much value from it as I can. So the strategy is to keep the plane flying until it’s about to go into a Large Check and sell it just before that. And here’s the problem. I don’t see a way how to tell that the plane will be locked into a check.

As you know, the maintenance requirement is assigned after you extend a contract. But at that point you can no longer sell the plane or cancel the contract. You are locked into the maintenance check and there’s nothing you can do as far as I know. Is there a way to know that this will happen before I extend the contract? I would like to know whether I can do another full contract before I’m forced to perform maintenance.

At first I thought that the orange maintenance icon on the plane card is that indicator, but that’s not the case. I have seen numerous cases where the icon was present but after extending the contract there was still another round of flights available before maintenance. I honestly don’t understand what the icon means and why it’s there.

Any help will be appreciated.

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You can check how many maintenance points the plane has remaining on the plane’s card under the fleet tab. It will show you how many points remain before a large check is needed.

As for the orange icon, I don’t know either. Sometimes it’s there but no maintenance is needed, other times it’s not there but maintenance is needed.


Ok, but is there a way to tell how many points is enough for another round and how many isn’t? Does it vary by plane? I do check it but it’s just not clear to me. The thing that prompted me to post this today was that my plane went into maintenance with 25.1 points remaining.

You can view how many points the plane uses per trip on the plane’s card by clicking the i button in the top right corner. If you multiply that by the number of trips in the contract (the number of plane symbols) you can see if it has enough points to complete the contract. Your plane’s contract has enough trips to mean that it uses more than 25 points, which is why it needs maintenance now. Maintenance must be carried out before the number of points is zero

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I’m not seeing it, where can I find that number? This is what I see when I press the i button.

Then its under the green wollar button, sorry I’m not sure because I don’t have the game open. Just click where it says 1930

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Oh, I see. I never knew you could click that for extra information. Thank you very much!

I still think that this should be made obvious somewhere, but for now this’ll do. Appreciate the replies :slight_smile:

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why should you care about it, honestly, when maintenance comes just do it, there’s no way to skip maintenance