How do Devs handle old liveries which are not updated?

As B77W is coming with the next update, I found out from the feedback page that B777 of Ukraine International Airlines, Alitalia and Austrian Airlines would not be updated. I am curious if they would either be replaced by another aircraft in our arrivals, or if they are just simply taken away from our arrivals

By the way, it is still leaving effect on my progress after the devs had decided to remove all stopover arrivals from PRG to IAD, leaving my purchased arrivals with forever emptinesses

Just because they aren’t shown doesn’t mean they won’t be updated, most likely we will see them, as for if the airlines didn’t operate the 77w they will return when the 772 releases

Why wouldn’t these just stay in the game? Won’t the new B77W be alongside the B777, not a replacement?

Because the current 777 seems to be based on the 77W. Look at the length of the fuselage and the stats (besides range).

The airlines he mentioned do operate the 772. So most likely will be replaced by a similar arrival or in the worst case deleted. Only exception is Alitalia but they went bankrupt

Ah, thanks. For some reason I thought I remembered someone saying the current model is a 772 or 773.

But remember this is just speculation this isn’t confirmed yet.