How Do I Calculate This?

How Do I Calculate This
So 19:36 - 22:15 = 02:35

You have 1 hour 16 min. left in your flight which will land at BRI at 10:11pm your time.

I get that, how to trace back this Duration
I get that, how to trace back this Roundtrip

I thought you were asking about duration of current flight and arrival time.

Yeah, sorry should have rotate, Yeah I just wanna how to trace back the time and roundtrip from departure.

Roger that.

Generic flights have always included a handling element. With a flight time of 2:35 means an overall number of 5:10, means 22 minutes at opposite airport (KUL) before returning.

That’s it, that’s the thing I’m talking about, sorry I confused you guys, I’m talking how many minutes is it to take from returning from the opposite airport
thank you,

19h:36 - 22h.11 = 02h:35
02h:35 + 02:35 = 5h.10
5h.10+ 22 minutes= 5h 32m
5h.10- 5h 32m= 22 minutes

It’s military time