How do I get airport streaks?

I send non computer player planes to destinations and don’t get any credit. Do I only get credit for using a connection flight with someone I link up with. If that’s the case I need someone to take my planes. I play 8 hrs a day and will take care of connections for u. Metscott. I play mainly IAD

Which one do you mean?
The p2p connection (1) or the new airport/departure/arrival counter (2)?

Sorry. The P2P connection

You should post a request for your IAD under “Looking for connections”. Happy gaming :+1:

Yes I have done that unsuccessfully. All the active players already have connected with someone. Thanks I’ll keep trying

@Metscott do you use Discord ?
There is a very active group of players on discord. Perhaps you can find a connection there.

I am on there now looking.

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I have sent you a connection request for Ngo

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Thanks so much🥳

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Very noble for an ignoble :grin:

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Not a problem, I have checked arrivals and available departure slots and should be able to start sending you planes from 8pm GMT. I have a few on route to IAD so you may get them first. :+1:

Ha ha, Google play chose that! Wish I could take the credit.

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