How large a fleet do you own[All airports included]?

Hey so I have been playing for quite some time and have reached MCT. I just wanted to see how fleet sizes vary as per players. So here my fleet;
INN[Dont play much]- 1xAT43 , 1xAt76
BRI [Dont play much]- 2xAT76 , 1xB462
PRG [Dont play much] - 4xAT76
IAD [Play Occassionally]- 1xAT76, 1xB462 , 3xCRJ7 , 1xB734F , 1xB757 , 10xE190 , 2xB787
NGO[Play Occassionally] - 1xCRJ7 , 1xB734 , 1xB734F , 11xE190 , 4xB787
SAN [Play Often] - 1xAT76 , 2xB462 , 1xDH8D , 2xB734F , 1xB738, 9xE190 , 4xB787 , 4xA306F
MCT [Play Often] - 1xAT76 , 1xE170 , 2xCRJ7 , 1xA320 , 8xE190s , 6xB787 , 9xA306Fs
How about You??

Inn - 27 aircraft
Bari - 37
PRG - 78
IAD - 81
NGO - 54
SAN - 32
MCT - 81
LEJ - 114

Too many to count by type :rofl:

Alternatively, if you have access to the game enter (on iOS, not sure Android, Linux or Mac), you can check all players:


Hey where can you check this??

There is 2 ways to view your fleet, either by hangar (all of your fleet) or airport (only aircraft you purchased on that airport)

  1. Hangar

  2. Airport

I hope that this will help you :smiley:

Ah thanks but I was talking about that achievements menu. Found it on Google Play tho. Thanks!!

Zrzut ekranu 2023-03-21 o 02.38.26

I only have a very small fleet in just one or two airports only for sliver plane mining. And I don’t want my fleet to be in a completely mess.

Currently I have 7x C17s in IAD and 5x C17s in LEJ.