How long does it take to reach Bari?

Hi all, my name is James. I started my World of Airports account before the 2.0 update, and didn’t really enjoy it at first, since I had trouble grasping the mechanics of the game. I redownloaded the game 10 months ago during the St. Maarten airport update, and started playing in St. Maarten for a bit, before then quitting once again, I know, I can’t really dedicate myself to things for a long period of time. I returned and due to my cluelessness earlier, I screwed up Innsbruck and had to use my only golden plane to save the game by purchasing more equipment, since I opened more stands than equipment. Now I am at level 15 for St. Maarten and 10 for Innsbruck. Bari is at level 27 I think. I heard that Sydney airport will be added, and based on what I’ve seen from here, I know that my levels will probably be reset and I can’t reach Heathrow realistically. Bari is my only shot to unlock an airport for now. Realistically, for older players of this game, about how long has it taken you to get to Bari?

Hi James,

Not an old player here, but in 2 months I’ve unlocked INN, BRI, PRG, IAD, NGO, SMX and LHR (bought SMX with gold, just like you, to fast track LHR for 4 gold). Most fo them are maxed out, except LHR (nearly) and NGO, which I’m currently playing.

Took me about a week or less to go from INN to BRI, but it’s manageable in like 2 days depending on how much you play.

And no, I’m not talking about playing 12h a day. You see, at first you have to actively play the game, but from mid-Bari to beginning of PRG, you start to get more Silver Planes (SP) then you can spend. This means buying 10 Gold Planes (GP) a week and 1 GP everyday, or 17 GP a week, which I strongly recomend you use unlocking the Premium Passes. Things start getting a lot easier then. Other very important thing to do with SP is activating the Tower, specially the ‘Approach’ one. No need for the expensive one, the 15 SP is your best choice. Extra 4% speed for triple the price is a no go.

With the Tower, you can nearly ‘idle’ the game, landing everything automatically and just manually starting the handling. You actively play for 30 seconds, wait 5-10 minutes, play for more 30s, and in no time you finish INN or any other airport…


  1. You’ve already realised it, but try to balance between new slots and more equipment when expanding. More slots mean you can land lots of planes at the same time, but it may take up to 5 minutes to handle a plane, so no use unlocking all the 10 PAX slots at INN if you can only handle one at a time. Same goes for going all in for equipments, whats the use of 5 simultaneous crew and only one slot?

  2. I like to accept all ‘random player arrivals’ and ‘local contracts’ I can when starting a new airport until I fill all my contract capacity. You can cancel a contract anytime if a better one shows up, so every XP you get will help you level faster… random player planes won’t provide much XP, but you still get some nice Wollars to help expand faster. Please note that XP is a fixed value depending only on airplane model, while SP is distance dependant: longer distances = more SP. Why is this important? Well, there’s an important optimization here depending on how you play. If you play one or two hours straight in one seat, you’ll want very short range contracts so they can do the round trips very fast and you can handle them again in a short time. Handling the same plane again will increase it’s contract level, and a higher contract level means a lot more XP per handling! But if your playstyle is playing like 10-20 min at a time, many times a day, then you should aim for long distance contracts. When you log in again, the plane will already have completed it’s round trip and will be ready to land, but you’ll get a lot more SP.

  3. Don’t forget to claim the free Wollars and SP, and watch the ads for double the amount if you feel like it.

Let me know if we can help with any other questions, I just wanted to let you know things start a bit slow but they get a lot better in bigger airports. You just happens to be playing the two smallest ones, and things start a bit slow on them. Don’t give up just yet!


Hi James
Im an old player here. For me, it took around 3-4 weeks to get from Innsbruck to Bari. I just played almost everyday from 20 minutes to 1 hour. Here are some tips I found useful when playing at INN.

  1. If you have a one star airport, don’t waste your wollars and silver planes on regional and international contracts. Go to the contract section and generate a local contract. If you don’t like the one you got, you can cancel it. You can also get a player contract. Once you have a 2 or 3 star airport you can start buying or generating regional and international contracts.

  2. The best and fastest way to get from INN to Bari is to get fleet planes from the progress rewards. You can also buy the premium progress rewards to get more. However it is 15 golden planes. You can buy fleet planes from the fleet section. Best plane to buy from Innsbruck is E190. With this, you can make comnections with other players. This will help with XP and you will get faster to Bari.