How many stands for each airport?

Heyyy pilots, i would like to know how many stands(S,M,L,X) have each airport in WOA. I’ve shearched about that, but e didn’t find anything. If you could help… :muscle:t2:

You can’t say it exactly, because many stands are mixed M/S or L/X stands.

Ok l, you’re right, i didn’t think in that form. So i put the question with other sense. Whitch airport is the biggest? With more stands, doesn’t matter if they are mixed or not. I want to know, if that airport would be full of airplanes, how many airplanes i would have landed.

Either IAD or MCT.

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Lej would probably be up there too

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Here we go. A friend gave me those numbers… I hope can help you too!

Number Total of Stands for each airport:
INN - 11
BRI - 25
PRG - 54
IAD - 125
NGO - 71
SAN - 59
MCT - 98
LEJ - 84

So the Oscar goes to IAD