How often is the game "backed up" to google play - can I play on two devices?

I would like to transfer my gaming to tablet from my mobile phone but I dont want to lose any progress. Is it without any risks playing for example right now on mobile phone and after I dont know 30 - 60 minutes can I log this game on my new tablet and everything is going to be ok? All progress (even what I did in game today) will be there?

And is it possible to play on two devices? Scenario: Playing on device 1 from 8 - 10 a.m. Device A is being charged so switching to device B and playing from 10 a.m. to 1 p. m. while the device A is being charged?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I changed device some months ago.
Only thing that was lost was the handling-progress of the planes that were in handling.
Planes on stands with finished handling came with finished handling on the new device, planes in unfinished handling process came with no handling-progress on the new device.
Airport updates and handling utilities, wollars, goldenplanes, fleets remained the same.
If it is still so I don’t know. Good Luck!

It is possible to do that. Only thing is, that both devices need to have the same Google account. When you stop playing on one device make sure you switched off the game on this. Otherwise you’ll get an error warning on the other device. As @UniqueGolem3982 mentioned, not fully handled planes need the whole process to be started again.
Happy gaming.

Ok. Thanks.

Yes it’s possible to switch over, I switched between my phone and blue stacks for a bit before I ended up deleting bliestacks for other reasons


I just started playing this game out of curiosity and it would not load right on my smartphone (screen too small). If you have Google Play signed in under your email address/game name, you can #add to a Tablet like I had to. Your GP App List will show up under #NotDownloaded for all the used Apps under #TabletList. I know which App Is where at any given time.

It’s not backed up to google play. It’s on its own server that you access using google play.
You CAN use more than 1 device, but when you switch, anything at a stand will reset to the beginning of its service cycle.