How profitable is the B738F in PRG (non-fleet)

I just started prg and I need to know if spending 10000W is worth it for the gate

In the beginning it’s not wise to open cargo slot. Better to open pass L slot’s.
Good L plane 777, mostly income from 777 near +/- 747. (2,2k - 3,2k Wollars).
332 not bad too, fast handling and 1,1k - 2,1k Wollars.

Long term, yes it’s worth, however it takes a while as 738f is around 350-500 Willard, depending highly on fuel
So do what you think

Well I can buy an X stand for cargo but it is 25000W and If I save a little more I can buy B462 for my fleet
Which öne should I buy fleet or cargo X stand

Or I can open a L cargo stand

As @Icyk said above, don’t go for cargo just yet if you starting an airport. It is generally much less profitable than Pax. X cargo income is worse than X Pax income (AI).

Fleet, that plane after 2 flights makes more than the standard 748F,i own multiple with those being one of my most profitable planes