How send A388 IAD-MCT?

Hello how i can send my A388 IAD to MCT?
Connection botton is not unable.

I dont remember this coz its been some time since I bought an A380 at IAD.
But most likely it doesnt have that much range.
But if it does, try changing the seat layout and add more business and first class seats. If it still doesnt appear then the A380 doesnt have that much range.

I made enough range, but can’t send to MCT…idk what is problem.

Def has the range cause it can do it in reverse…, idk what the seat layout on the planes that can do it is tho

I can send one from MCT to IAD here…Take a look at the seating configuration so maybe you can try adjusting that.

Hmm i think its impossible departure at IAD…
I hope it will be change :frowning: