How to choose a runnaway

I have unlocked PRG and I saw that there are 2 runnaways
the 24-06 is always used
Is it possible to use also the other runnaway (12-30)
Maybe it is a general question for airport with 2 runnaways …

I seen this before 24-06 is used all the time in game
12-30 is unlikely cause it means they have to recode the airport again just to add in a second runway and also aircraft when they have their gate at a far away position like the cargo terminal it will take minutes to get across the airport so 12-30 is unlikely to be active in game

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It already takes long with the current runway

Plus you spelled Runway incorrectly it’s runway not runnaways

To be clear
Per Devs.
2nd runway will NEVER be in operation under current set up.
PRG due to safety issues will never run both runways at the same time in real life, same applies to the game.
WOA and PRG have a very close relationship, and PRG help drive the set up of that particular airport in the game.
So never going to happen. PRG is going to be A 1 runway single direction airport


I have a question if in Prague you can only use one but washgiton dulles allows you to use booth
Sorry about my spelling

Washington only allows one for landing and one for takeoff.
Prague is one runway period as they are never used together in real life operations.

Can the new Indian airport only be used for landings and takeoffs?

Not sure. DEL has four runways so not sure how that will be implemented.

I think they might split the landing or takeoff runway into two. Otherwise it would be a waste.

Its likely that that 2 will be landing and 2 would be takeoff in my opinion.
But it would be awesome if its 1 landing, 1 takeoff and 2 used for both.
Note: This is not official information. I dont know how but many a times people mistake me as someone who provides official info. So just telling before it turns into a mess.

It’s confirmed Delhi will have all four runways, and iAd is suspected to have just two, as a cosmetic but probs not gameplay renovation, although iAd info is not confirmed, just reading between the lines. All info from dev chat two months ago

Wait, what?? When did they say that? That’s a huge change of pace if they did.

RIP the two IAD runways that don’t exist :frowning: