How to contract the same international route 2 times?

Hello, everyone.
I am a Korean user who enjoys playing games.

If you watch YouTube gameplay videos or screenshots of forums, I see two Asiana A388 planes on the route to Incheon Airport in Seoul.
If you look at the international contract, Asiana A388 on the Incheon International Airport route in Seoul can only be contracted once.

How to contract the same international route 2 times?

You can always select the same aircraft once per destination.

As it is in real life, it is unfortunately not possible to use several aircraft per “contract” per day.

Some little things are always adjusted with every update, so I wouldn’t rely on older videos on YouTube

You can only select the contracts that you see there.

Otherwise you have to book the Asiana A388 from GMP.

Thank you for your reply.
I understand that as you explained.

However, I recently found something strange while watching a YouTube gameplay video.

This is Asiana A388 2 Flights to ICN at San Diego International Airport.

On the left is Asiana A388 OZ5303 to ICN.

On the Right is Asiana A388 OZ8679 to ICN.

I just don’t understand that there are two Asiana A388 going to ICN.

Sometimes there can be more than one of a contract if there’s a paint scheme different that the devs included. The only other way to get two of the same aircraft contract is if you bought one contract first, and then that exact same contract is in the pass, but you must buy the contract manually first. For example, I have two BA A359s to LHR from my San Diego.

another possibility is that it was an event plane (not sure if this plane ever was in an event, but I think it was)

Ghat was when an Asiana 388 was used for an event, one time thing sadly

I understand if it was an event plane.

I didn’t know that the general paint was included in the event plane.
I knew that only the special paints were included in the event plane.

Events can also include totally normal paintwork