How to delete my account?

Same as the topic.

Why do you want to delete your account?

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Because I just don’t want to play.
And can you tell me how to delete it

bro just delete the app

Another question is how to move the account from iPhone to iPad

Just make sure your account is linked to your Game Center account. It’ll automatically load when you open another device

Should I change the Apple ID same as the phone?
And then the account from the phone will move to iPad?

Yes i think

Are u sure about that


Should I make sure that my Apple ID between iphone and iPad is same?

Link The ID, otherwise it won’t work.

You mean before I move the account, the Apple ID between iPhone and iPad must be same?

I am a Samsung S series phone person. Never had anything else. Never tried anything else. So I am not sure about IOS.

Why it cannot connect to IOS GameCenter


Nop never tried

anyone else?