How to get Golden airplanes fast

How can I get Golden airplanes fast, cause I’m looking to not spend money and can’t seem to see how I can get much very qucikly

There are 5 ways to get Golden Planes:

• Level achievements
• Connection achievements
• visits
• Plane selling
• Buy at marketplace

I think the quickest way to earn them is by playing every Season level at every airport. visits are an extra bonus then.

Connection achievements can be quick with an understanding connection partner with a lot of planes, even if you dont’t have planes of your own.

Plane selling takes months of play.


Plane selling no longer works, that I’ve seen because they give you money now, it that’s what your talking about

You get money up until maintenance C, gold planes til maintenance D, nothing after that


Pilster said it all.

So after I get maintenence D each trip makes golden airplanes?

No. After maintenance C you get golden planes instead of money when you sell. 1 GP for S planes, 2 for M planes, 3 for L planes and 4 for X planes. After that you don’t have that plane anymore.

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You still have the plane, but the maintenance cycle starts new.

You are right if you don’t sell. But my point was about the situation when you do sell.

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Oooohhhhh, I get it now

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