How to get member of a Alliance?

How to get a member of a Alliance?

Many players, who create a Alliance told me they not want new member? So how can i get experience in Alliances If there is no alliance who accept new members.
What has a member exactly to do in the alliance ?
I m 777Lopaka and play MCT level 61 and have around 30 slots free to connect with many players.

I believe that you may not have the requirements in order to join an alliance.

You can start your own Alliance.
Some tips:

V24-1 mini sig

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@OrangeAir For create a mini forum and a discord channel i have no knowledge at this time, but good to know that it is possible.
Thank you!

@Ecoaviation Yes of couse, you think right.
But exactly this is, what i want to know.
Which requirement is needed to join in an alliance in the future?

Every Alliance has it own “terms and conditions”.

I “Direct Messaged” you about that.

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I believe Tranquility Alliance maybe accepting new members soon. You may want to check our thread

@Tr3y0218 Thanks for your offer, but I 'm already member of Black Tail Alliance.

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