How to get more planes to land

How do I get more X planes to land at Dulles? I have 5 X gates and can only handle 3 at any time. I also have 4 S, 4 M, and 5 L gates. Is it a problem w the radar not generating planes quickly enough?

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Have you bought enough routes? :wink:


I have the same question about PRG. I have multiple L and X routes, but only get 1 at a time in the radar. I use the speed up function, but it doesn’t bring in many larger aircraft.

Unlock more handling and destination arrivals for X Planes

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I also do the following:
(a) stop S flights
(b) fill the M/L gates

These will force the X planes to land and you can see how many the system allows (I use this at MCT since there are so many gates and arrivals take longer). Works great!

Yes that 100% works for MCT. Don’t even make any further S gates keep M gates to 6 and rest X/L. Spend early on X destinations but make sure there is aircraft waiting (I purchased SYD which had no routes to MCT sooo a waste of money)

Ouch, you’re right - want to be sure you get inbound flights. Cool thing is that for some of them (LHR, CDG) when you work the BA or AF A380 inbounds and they depart, the system sends another sort of right away. So there is some good variety.

Thanks. I will do that. I appreciate the advice. This game has challenges:)