How to go with 2.0

With the days slowly progressing to “the date”, I have been thinking how best to learn the new game dynamics.

I have decided to follow @Shill 's suggestion and turn INN into a “sandbox”. Currently I am playing INN a lot to make more money to buy planes. After the update I am planning to reset INN and sell the planes to have some extra seed money to start from scratch.

This is on the assumption (I know, I know) that in the new game the reset options are not changed.

If not, I have to spend the many GP’s and or SP’s that I have accumulated in the past couple of years :wink:.

so far i cannot see “reset airport” in 2.0… hopefuly it will come i will be very dissapointed if there is no such functions

… Oops, there goes my strategy …

I think it should come… many would like to have full new experience (without planes being deleted) i have told Jakub that is a must.

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Thank you, both, for the update and strategy tips. I agree.

And, I would do the same (reset INN and maybe others where the new gameplay makes sense). Could be good for the dev team as we may need to buy GP.

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Well you dont have to. Old players (by old i mean those who had active account prior to 2.0) will have SXM unlocked automatically.

There there you can check new game flow :slight_smile: i guess.

ps. Fresh accounts will have to unlock SXM in INN.

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Still, I think getting to know the new game in a “known” environment is preferable above a potential mucking-up a new airport because of incomplete knowledge or wrong decisions. SXM will be slow in building up, I think, and any previous experience is welcome there then.