How to handle more than 6 aircraft at the time?

Hi there

I‘ve got 6 slots on my airport(Innsbruck). Three S and three M.
But how can I handle more. My ground equipment is at maximum( 5ea).
When I get more slots is there a “Ramp Agent” or a Manager who maintain the Aircrafts? I think it’s impossible for me to handle 10 planes and more at the same time?


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Unfortunately the maximum amount is all you can get. Even for me, it is a bit of a struggle to handle them all. I suggest letting your arrivals come in slowly, as the some of the aircrafts services will be completed, meaning you have it available for the next plane. Hope this helps!

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It’s not immpossible to handle 10+
My Leipzig on a daily gets about 17 aircraft at one time and most of the time I’m just sitting there
If your referring to the services, you may run out here or there but I’ve managed it with a full Innsbruck

We are talking about innsbruck and I have explained about staggering arrivals