How to have player connections?

I played a lot in the previous versione of WoA.
In that versions it was clear the scope of connection: get Gold Planes.

In this version I cannot understand if the target is the same or other…
Can someone explain me?
Thank you in advance

take connections to level up and take prizes, SP and GP :+1: SP will be converted into GP!!! And the GP currency is the one that will be needed the most to unlock new planes or AIRPORTS !!

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Ok thanks.
But there is difference between the amount of SP gained via player connections rather than standard contracts?

Player contracts start at 10 handlings, so max rewards. Regular ones start at 1, then 2, then 3 etc. Thats why people have player contracts


Thank you!

I agree with @Plane_Enthusiast !! The contracts with players are faster!!!:sunglasses: