How to Level up quickly?

As the title suggests, I am curious about how to quickly level up. Is the most effective method to deal with S aircraft in large quantities, M aircraft, or L aircraft? And should I focus on handling a few fixed contracts to get more rewards, or should I handle a large number of different contracts?

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S/M on short turn contracts and make friends for connections.

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Thank you very much.

If you have enough golden planes you could buy the peruimun pass

Or player planes contract for every 1 hour cooldown.

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Wow, thank you !

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While you already have your answer, I’ll try to contribute a little further in case anyone reading wanna dive deeper into this subject:

  1. XP depends on the contract level. The greater the level (little planes that goes green when you handle the airplane), the greater the rewards per handling. Example: a lvl1 A320 needs only one handling to complete and will give you 1XP. Thats 1 XP per landing/handling. The same A320 at lvl 10 will give you 65XP, meaning 6,5XP per landing after all 10 handlings. This is why you should aim for (active) player contracts, it starts at lvl 10 already instead of lvl 1, so more XP per landing/handling;

  2. XP depends on the airplane you’re handling. Example, the SF34 is a small plane that gives 30XP at lvl 10 (3 per handling). The CRJ9 is also a small plane, but you’ll get 51XP after finishing a lvl 10 handling (5 per handling). Not only that, but the CRJ9 also taxy a little bit faster, so always aim for the best planes for it’s size available;

  3. Not all airplanes are available as AI contracts at all airports. Example, B752 and A21NX are both good M planes, but while the B752 gives you more XP, you’ll have trouble finding B752 AI contracts, so keep in mind you have to look for the best ones available at your airport. You’ll have plenty of CRJ7 at NGO and AT76 at SMX, but only one AI CRJ9 at SMX (Miami), and only available after reaching International. Meaning, go for AT76 and player contracts at SMX;

  4. XP depends on how fast you land and handle your planes. That’s why INN is bad, you can land M planes pretty fast, faster then most airports available, but cannot handle all 11 slots simultaneously due to the lack of equipment. LHR: S and M planes exit the runway at the same point, so does L and X planes. You should prefer M and X contracts, as you’ll get more XP per landing while taking very similar times to land them, meaning more XP/minute. SMX is awfully bad landing anything bigger then S, so having only S AI contracts is not a bad idea;

  5. XP depends on airplane type. Cargo gives you more XP then Passenger planes, but you’ll have trouble handling them at airports with little cargo slots, like INN, SMX… LHX have some nice cargo slots, but you have to cross the landing runway to depart, meaning it will hurt the speed you land, and therefore, lower your overall airport XP/minute;

  6. Close or far contracts? Depends on your playstile. For XP only, go for the closest ones, they’ll give you the exact same XP as the same plane coming from a longer distance airport, as distance doesn’t matter for the XP amount. But if you play very little and only once or twice a day, get the same aircraft from as further away as possible so you get more Silver Planes (SP) for the same amount of handled planes, as SP is distance dependant.


I usually operating short run M flights and at least one AN124 if airport has L cargo spot. Because AN124 gives a lotta XP.

Thank you very much for your detailed explanation, which is very helpful.

Great explanation.

Thanks a lot for your very detailed explanation !

In my (very limited) point of view, as I am still a rabbit in WoA, it depends a lot on your personal playing preferences. If you are playing often a day it seems that you can earn a lot more with AI contracts, as the AI is online all the time and sends your plane back as soon as it arrives, if you’re playing fewer times a day than you may go for players contracts (which (hopefully) plays also min 3-4 times a day) to receive the higher amount of XP.

Is somewhere here in the forum a chart which plane is the best to unlock and build your own fleet ?

There’s no universal plane that is best for every situation, it mainly depends on the airport you’re playing, amongst other things like plane size.

I believe this is what you are looking for:

wow, lot of work in that excel … appreciate it

This is one part of the much wider WOA information hub.

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