How to send planes?

How do you send your plane to a connection-mate? I try sending it to the airport with the connection open, it just sends it to a random person like normal, I can’t find a button to send it to someone anywhere.

Did you tried to start canection?
I mean you helave him in tab “connections”

If you have an active connection to a partner at another airport your aircraft will be send to him. The big question is if your partner handles your aircraft. If he is not online and/or doesn’t handle it within a certain time your aircraft may be handled by another player or it will be handled like an aircraft that you send to any other airport.


The certain time is in this case 4 hours. Within 4 hours the connection partner can handle it, if not handled in this time, it will go to a random other person and will not count for the streak :slight_smile: This will not increase the money gain when getting back, so it will indeed count as a “random non-player” airport

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Thanks for the explanation guys